GoldenChild Comprehensive Diagnostic Centre

GoldenChild Comprehensive Diagnostic Centre is a GoldenChild Therapy and SpEd Services venture to determine an early diagnosis of a child with Autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities. With a panel of qualified experts who specialise in diagnosing the above conditions, we can now provide early detection and solution for the children. Parents can understand the learning disabilities faced by the child in-depth from the experts themselves and work together in designing the right solution which will enable the child to recover from their existing condition. 

By providing these services, we can educate the public about learning disabilities and prepare parents and the public to accept these children. Some of these learning issues include, but are not limited to, learning disabilities (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Slow Learner and Global Development Delay) and conditions contributing to learning disabilities such as Autism, ADHD and ADD. It is a common misconception that a child with learning disabilities can't lead a normal life. Our 12 years of experience and expertise in this field show that recovery is indeed possible and the child could live a normal life. We aspire to give hope for children with learning disabilities to learn, strive to succeed in what they are passionate about, all while contributing back to society. Children with learning disabilities should feel indifferent to typical kids.

Some of our services include childhood developmental assessments, psychological assessments, IQ tests, Educational Skills assessments, Motor Skill assessments, language development assessments and behavioural assessments. These assessments assist in gathering information for the diagnosis. We require at least 600 hours of the child's presence to report a conclusive diagnosis.

Our Vision is to detect the psychological disabilities the children are having as early as possible.

Our Mission is to provide comprehensive diagnostic services to as many children as possible.

Ms R.Vanisri Saravanan leads the team of experts. Ms Vanisri is the founder of Globalink, GoldenChild and the National Association of Learning Disabilities. She possesses Masters Degree and Bachelors Degree from University Malaya. She is an Industry Expert for Learning Disabilities in various Public Universities, namely Sultan Indris Universities, UiTM and UKM. She also holds ACAS, which is Advanced Certified Autism Specialist from the US. She also has lecturing experience for over 18 years. She lectured in International Universities such as Monash Universities, LaTrobe Universities, Oxford Brooke Universities, Asia-E Universities, Nilai International Universities and Taylors Universities. She is also a Subject Matter Expert for Universities. She has spent almost 18 years of her precious time building the right framework and system to help kids recover from their disabilities. To date the framework has yield the expected results that she wanted.