GoldenChild Shadow Aide

 A shadow aide is trained personnel who will attend the class with your child in order to assist him during the lesson. Shadow aide will provide as much or as little support as needed by the children to understand and perform the education needs.. The shadow aide may focus on any combination of academics, classroom skills, impulse control issues, living skills, social skills, and following instructions.  As the child becomes more independent, the aide will gradually reduce their support until the child is independent. Factually it has been observed that the child assisted by shadow aides is more successful in the class compare to those without shadow aides.

Who needs a shadow aide?

Children who show traits of Autism, ADHD, Learning Disability, Down's Syndrome and other developmental disorders certainly have a tough time settling at school and home. Often, it is due to teachers and parents who do not understand the effective ways to incite behavioural and developmental progress in the child. To address this, we created a team of paraeducators and educators who work with children having special needs.

GoldenChild Shadow Aide

GoldenChild provides well-trained shadow aides for your child.  Basically, the shadow aide will have a minimum diploma in education or psychology or therapist.  The shadow aide is arranged at the beginning of the academic year and with a success in handling the respective child, the shadow aide assistance will be phased out slowly.

Duration for shadow aide's support

Approximately six months to one year.