Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, ABA, Behavioural Therapy, EIP and Special Education School in Malaysia

GoldenChild 'Therapy, EIP and Special Education Services'™ is an innovative concept that started in 2007 helping kids with Autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, speech delay, repeating words or sentences, behavioural issues, and socialising difficulties. The concept is strengthened with five years of research and development (2002) and seven years of implementation and testing. The idea results from a team of experts ranging from Industry Experts, Subject Matter Experts, certified specialists, and Practitioners such as Educators, Special Educators, Psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, behavioural therapists, and Play Therapists.

Our results in transforming the Children into a independent and functional child can be seen from 2016. This has gained the attention of governmental organizations, state government, public and private universities in Malaysia as well the international universities.

GoldenChild Therapy, EIP & SpEd (Special Education) Services is owned by Globalink Groups. Globalink Group is an Education Service Provider company. Globalink has strong collaboration with Public Universities in Malaysia, namely Education University of Sultan Idris (UPSI), the National University of Malaysia (UKM) and University Technology Mara (UITM). Globalink has partnered with the Ministry of Education, Women, Child and Family, and the Selangor State Government. 

This made GoldenChild Therapy, EIP and SpEd Services is the Best 'Interventions and Special'™ schools in Malaysia to help kids with learning disabilities (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Slow Learner and Global Development Delay) and Autism, ADHD, ADD, as well as others.

Our Vision is 'No Child is Left Behind and every child able to LEARN, BE SUCCESSFUL AND CONTRIBUTE BACK TO SOCIETY'.

Our Mission is to establish ourselves as a leading multi-disciplinary and holistic organisation in promoting a warm and friendly community that upholds and supports the growth of individuals with learning and social-emotional challenges.

Our Service is a unique curriculum, and a multi-disciplinary team approach to decision-making and effective service delivery are the cornerstones of our success.

Our Team comprises qualified educators and clinicians (medical professionals, psychologists, and therapists) who provide educational and therapeutic services. They have exceptional dedication and commitment to the well-being of the kids with learning issues.

Our Approach is to bridge between academic thinking and best clinical practice and be at the cutting edge of child development and intervention services.

GoldenChild Therapy and (Special Education) SpEd Services have long recognised the integral role of parents and other caregivers in the educational process. We are proud of a history which enjoys collaboration and partnership with parents. These collaborative efforts have resulted in the development of new programs and different approaches to intervention, highlighting the importance of our cooperation and confirming that routine and active parental participation is fundamental to children’s overall and ongoing developmental progress. 

GoldenChild Results - 'Normalise, Recover, Genius'™ 

Over the years, we had more than 300 comprehensive reports with parent testimonials to show these children had been normalised and recovered. We manage to reduce the gap years between the biological age and the developmental age. These children have been accepted in mainstream education, going through life like other typical kids, and most importantly, being independent and the BEST they could be.

Our target group is parents with children with issues in their social skills, speech, attention, instruction following, writing, balancing, walking, behavioural problems, meltdown, tantrum, reading and writing, or any uncommon issues.

GoldenChild Therapy, EIP and SpEd Services are committed to excellently educating and treating young children and their families. We offer an array of centre-based and therapeutic services. The services provided by GoldenChild Therapy and SpEd Services are as below:

  1. Golden Comprehensive Diagnostic Clinic™
  2. Golden EIP (Early Intervention Program)™
  3. GoldenChild Behavioural Management & Therapy™
  4. Golden IEP (Individualised Education Plan)™
  5. Golden Student Aide™